Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Remember to Catch Your January Discount!

The clock is ticking,
A few hours remaining;
Everyone's catching
the discount, January's ending.

It's not yet too late,
18 hours you can wait;
As long as you ready,
Your reservation fee.

Sampaguita saves you 5K,
But bring 5K tomorrow, ok?
40K discount for Parklea,
Bring 10K and one's for ya!

Tripping is at 2 and 3 PM,
But call or text before 11am;
Initial docs, we'll be needing,
For PAGIBIG and Direct Financing.

Check the links concerned:
Sampaguita 40
Sampaguita 60
Parklea at SJV10

Lot Maps:

Vicinity Map:
St. Joseph Village 9 and 10


Discount and Doc Requirements:
St. Joseph Village 10

Why St. Joseph Village 10?
Because everything important is near to you...

Plus, it's the cheapest quality project that's nearest to Metro Manila!

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