Friday, October 31, 2008

FreeGasMoneyOnline Adds Money Into Your Pocket

With the failing economy, we strive to do everything we can to save and to earn more. I've found a site that can help. While it may be very productive for US and Canada residents, there are some opportunities that are also availabe to others. Each opportunity actually will tell you if you can take it or not so you don't have to read all. Pick only where you qualify.

You can either earn miles or cash. You've got to have paypal so you can claim your cash if you are not from the US. Otherwise, there are several ways like converting your cash to miles, turning it into a gift card, prepaid gas card, check, money order, or prepaid visa.

There are several ways to earn like joining promos and contests, clicking ads, reading emails and signing up for certain offers. You also earn by referring friends. Oh, you also get a $5 signup bonus. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Non-Profit Loan Consolidation Source

For the past several months, economic meltdown has been in the news as if it's a regular column or feature of the different news media around the globe. In the world of real estate, it looks like not all share the same reacting result, though.

Prices of real estate seemed to have dropped in the US but only if you have cash, then you can buy that house. It looks like less are now offering loans since Americans are having difficulty to pay. In the Philippines, we also feel the meltdown but the government somehow supports by way of government funding like PAGIBIG housing loan. The prices of houses in the Philippines may have gone up because of the economy but little by little, buyers can move forward, even little by little, even if it reaches 30 years to pay.

There are a LOT of private loan companies that appeared during the last 2 years, more than what existed 3 years ago and some say that they are also one of the reasons of America's economic decline because too many needed to loan but a great high percentage cannot pay.

What's wrong? Technically, it is the management of funds. What do you think is better? Paying large amounts in a short span of time or paying little amounts in a longer period of time? What is the difference? The longer it takes for you to pay, the higher the interest rate you are charged. Technically and normally.

Ideally, what you have in excess of your financial needs (food, rent, work expenses, school), is what you allocate for your loan payment. If you have a thousand bucks and need 60% for your needs, you don't go beyond 40% for your loan payment. If that's 400 bucks, you will have to find a loan scheme which will allow you to pay up to 400 bucks only, even if it has to take more years. Otherwise, your living will suffer.

If you have had several loans that are piling up you don't know what to do, the best is to consolidate your loans and ask for a program that will allow you to pay less in a longer period of time. Loan consolidation is the answer for that but still you have to be careful, as always. Everything must be clear to you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You may not have any choice but go into debt but debt elimination has a solution. What we need is a debt management plan and choices and people behind to give you guidance to take the right choice.