Thursday, June 28, 2007

Several Good News and One Bad News

Good news #1: Pagibig rates got lower again effective yesterday, June 27, 2007. Loans above 300k but lower than 750k is 7%. It used to be up to 500k only. Loans above 700k is 10.5%. No more 11.5%.

What does this mean? Lower monthly amortization. If your 2M loan used to be 19,996.80 for 30 years, at today's rate, it will only be 18,294. That's around 1.7k difference!

For those with 750k loan, it used to be 6,860.25 for 30 years; now it's only 4,989.83. That's almost 1.9k savings!

It seems that VP Noli de Castro will be running for the next presidential election...if he's doing our fellow citizens a favor by easing housing privileges, why not? Housing is a NEED and we still have 4M housing backlog (families in need of a house) and most are within NCR.

Good News #2: Discounts until June 30, 2007 for St. Joseph Village projects

5000 discount off the TCP for all Sofiah and Sentossa models at SJV9
5000 discount off the TCP for Parklea at SJV10

Good News #3: I've taken pics yesterday of house models in SJV7 and 8 in Cabuyao and Laguna Buenavista in Calamba. It is currently being uploaded and I'll post the link as soon as it's done.

Bad News: Price increase on all PA Alvarez projects (St. Joseph Village and Laguna Buenavista) effective July 1, 2007. New pricelist is not yet available but the increase is assumed to be between 3% to 7%.

Good News #4: Reservations for PA Alvarez projects will be entertained up to 11:00 PM, June 30, 2007. You must bring the 3 initial documents: valid ID, May 1-31 payslips, May Meralco bill (even if it's not in the buyer's name; the address is what's important), and the reservation fee.

For OFWs or buyers out of the country, your Atty-in-Fact (who will transact in your behalf) will need to present his/her ID as well. In that case, you need to send your passport copy too which you can scan and email to me at Also, it is your Contract of Employment reflecting your income/payrate, written/translated in English that you have to scan and send to my email as well.

In case you do not have anyone available to transact in your behalf (SPA), I can offer you my extended charge....just provide for the necessary costs. You can send the reservation fee via Western Union. Text me if you're interested (via YM or Chikka for free) at and I'll send you details.