Monday, January 8, 2007

Jan. 5 Inventory of St. Joseph Village 9 Marked on Lot Map

As requested, here is the lot map of St. Joseph Village 9 with markings of open units as of Jan. 5, 2007.

Sentossa: 42 units
Sofiah: 92 units
Parklea: 2 units (reopened only)
Santorina: 13 units

Note: map is 3.83MB, pls be patient. To make it smaller, you might not recognize the lot #.


reyna elena said...

Cecile, lam mo ang hinahanap ko? Sample computation. Lam mo naman kami. Kung kano total price, less discount, less downpayment at ilang years to pay, then monthly payment. ok ba?

reyna elena

C5 said...

Sa wakas may nag-comment! :)

Wala tayong problema jan, updated ang St. Jo sa website ko ;)

Pasyal ulit ha :)