Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Corner Units Available at SJV9

Remaining corner units at St. Joseph Village 9

Blk-Lot-Lot Area-Core Price-Complete Price

Parklea (this is not a corner...just next to one...and the only one remaining Parklea. It was just reopened.)
Blk. 29-11 - 77sqm; Core: 975k; Complete: 1,125k
Blk. 30-11 is already closed since yesterday.

Blk. 15-18 - 75sqm; Core: 807k; Complete: 907k

Blk. 12-1 - 72sqm; Core: 889k; Complete: 1,039k
Blk. 12-16 - 95sqm; Core: 987k; Complete: 1,137k
Blk. 12-17 - 58sqm; Core: 839k; Complete: 980k
Blk. 12-32 - 63sqm; Core: 851k; Complete: 1,001k
Blk. 11-1 - 77sqm; Core: 911k; Complete: 1,061k
Blk. 11-18 - 102sqm; Core: 1,017k; Complete: 1,167k
Blk. 11-36 - 89sqm; Core: 877k; Complete: 1,027k
Blk. 10-21 - 102sqm; Core: 1,017k; Complete: 1,167k
Blk. 10-22 - 73sqm; Core: 894k; Complete: 1,044k

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