Friday, January 12, 2007

What's On My Mind: Etc Category

This post is meant to be for everything else not real estate. It's for me and for everyone else out there who would someday want to comment or suggest for the good of the general public. It's also for getting-to-know-each-other area...I know the blog's still fairly new...but it will get old someday and earn strength, stability and credibility.

Pwede rin Tagalog dito ha, o kaya Taglish...or Joklish kung gusto nyo, kung di ko gets, ask ko na lang kung ano ibig sabihin... :D's free!


C5 said...

Ok, I'll start off with letting myself be known to you can have a general idea about me...

- I'm generally an introvert
- But trying to overcome since I'm in sales
- I can't just verbally express myself
- But I write; my pen is mightier than my tongue
- I can write poems...and have written a number of them... 60 when I was 16...then I back last year with I seem to have stopped awhile again
- I'm the optimistic kind
- I love puzzles
- Espionage
- Classical music
- Favorite piece: Liebestraume by Franz Liszt
- Marital theme "music" (not song): Cavatina by John Williams; hubby plays classical guitar and acoustic/steel/electric too
- I'm new to blogging
- Got 3 girls ages 13, 9, and 7
- I love cryptograms
- I rarely wear makeup
- I love bowling
- And cycling (but racerbike got stolen from inside our house!)
- And mountain climbing
- But I haven't been in tiptop shape for some years now
- So I'm going for a gym next week
- For health reasons basically
- Secondarily for agility
- Third for the good looks
- Getting ready to go up Mt. Pulag up north by December
- Been on the net since 1995
- Been with the computer industry since 1985
- Had 3 employments: Olongapo Mayor's Office, DENR, PSi a Personnel Aide (but doing programming), as an Info Systems Analyst (but doing all-around computer stuff), and as a web designer
- Had 7k increase from one job to another (isn't that awesome)?
- Considering I never got into college
- But I had some tech studies...used to repair radios and TV...and I even used to rewind motors...
- I volunteer for a foundation that helps the underprivileged nearby..check
- I created the Women Empowerment Program
- I make crafts too...mostly recycling...making stuff out of scrap... for pics...some have been exported to the USA and Switzerland
- I hate being late
- I can analyze handwriting
- I type at 55wpm
- I belong to the United Church of God an International Association...
- I sing in church choir...soprano
- But I can never sing solo
- I'm mic-o-phobic
- And stage-o-phobic
- But if confronted, I face them fears with optimism
- I'm nothing. But God is there to support my being. He's all I need. Everthing else follows...

reyna elena said...

- em a stage queen
- em an aspiring doctor who ended up as kwak-kwak
- heb my own fundasyun
- j'aime la montagne et le mer
- je suis comptable
- j'aime partout philippines
- j'aime et j'adore les hommes
- beaucoup des hommes!
- men men men men men
- amen

C5 said...

Manang Reyna, yung men men men lang naintindihan ko e...paki translatable naman... :D

Reyna said...

kakainis! sukat kasi nong pinag-aral nang madir eh alang inatupag bayabas!

sya! sya! sya!

- j'aime la montagne et le mer
(mahal ko ang bundok tralala at bitches)
- je suis comptable
(ako'y isang contador publico)
- j'aime partout philippines
(mahal ko lahaaaaatttt about the flippines!)
- j'aime et j'adore les hommes
(and eye lab and adore meeeeennnn!!!)
- beaucoup des hommes!
(madaminggggg meeeen!!!)

O ayan. Updated ka na. Nalalaman tuloy na pokpok ako.

C5 said...

Basta ako 1 man lang...:D

Anonymous said...

try ulit....

Kutang Bato said...

Ay vonggah, fwidi na....

Hi, it's meeeeee...

C5 said...

Sabi na nga ba't yung moderation ang may sala e... :D

C5 said...

Pasyalan nyo rin yung isang blog ko ha... Free Handwriting Analysis

Anonymous said...

Gurll, ang real estate license ba ng imong byuti eh por residenshall santorino ek ek lang. Wede ka bang mag extend ng imong horayzon - can you post some commercial properties na for sale or lease? okay na kasi ako sa residential eh...gusto kong tumingin ng mga commercial properties kahit long term lease para sa future business ko. Thanks!

Kutang Bato

C5 said...

Meron akong commercial, sige post ko...