Sunday, December 31, 2006

St. Joseph Village 9 and 10 Near Everything Important

Near everything important to you...

  • Schools
  • Jeepney, tricycle, bus stations (24 hours)
  • Wet and dry market
  • Famous fastfoods and restaurants
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Commercial centers
  • Churches
  • Telephone lines (PLDT, Digitel, PT&T), local call to Metro Manila

  • 24-hour security (safe and secure, with guard and perimeter fence)
  • multipurpose hall (bdays, debuts, weddings, whatever don't need to mess up your own house yet you are just near your own house)
  • basketball court (kids don't have to go out of security to play, get exercise)
  • centralized water system (you have water 24 hours)
  • concrete roads, gutters and curbs, underground drainage system (smooth roads to drive through, never floods)

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