Friday, February 2, 2007

Etc.: How Does a Mom Manage Her Time Between Family and Business?

It's never easy to be a mother. My mom has 6 kids. I got 3. I think she did a lot better than I do now. In a fast-paced world where money is almost always in another person's pocket, most mothers work for a living. We have the career women and the business women, where both groups usually comprise of mothers of less than 2 kids or none at all. And for those who got 2 or more, usually there's a nanny to watch over the kids.

Oftentimes, either you get one and lose the other. You get a job, lose the quality time you get for your family. And whoever said it's ok to have less quantity time as long as you have quality time is plain joking. Quality time depends much on the quantity and not merely on what you do with the time!

We're not rich. Not even average. So I have to do something to help my husband somehow. So he's employed (bread and butter), and I'm into real estate (obviously). But why real estate? It's the highest form of selling where I don't have to break my back bringing my product along! As long as you get the knack for computing, know your product, you can sell! Especially when you're connected internetwise!

Since I've been with the computer industry since 1985, I feel comfortable facing a monitor and developing a corn on my right wrist for holding a mouse. I've been on the net since 1995 when the internet is starting yet to have graphics. I was introduced to the net by a geek friend with a 2.4Kbps modem! The highest was a 14.4Kbps then. I couldn't browse because it was real slow so I learned to surf using Lynx which is text-based. Internet was so expensive then, like 30 hours a month would be around P500 and that's the cheapest! And being an infomaniac due to infoflooding, you got to manage your internet time wisely as I learned to "surf" by email.

Then I learned how to make a webpage. Then I later got into real estate.

I was taught the traditional way of selling but I had to redesign almost everything so the business will adapt to my priorities like family and my hobbies (sure I do have hobbies!) :D

I have to work smart. And that's what I'm doing now. I'm home. Working. Listening to the news over the radio. Doing the laundry. Chatting with clients over YM. Eating lunch. Updating some pages (I just updated Vallejo Place, Cavite, Laguna since I have tripping this coming Sunday and Monday to that place. Kids just left for school. All those happened within the last hour.

A working mom, sure. But I never have to be deprived of my family, nor they be deprived of my time for them. I'm blessed! ;)


Chuva Chienes said...

Blessed you are tita bea!! I admire moms not because I am a momma's girl, but also because I know how much they sacrifice for their children. I am the youngest of 10 children, imagine na lang - latak na lang ako. But my mom, did what you did - worked from home, doing real estate on the side, selling all kinds of things (like I do now - mana yata sa nanay) but she pulled us through. I wish you more power - - and pag nagkapera ko and nagign saksespul - I will buy from you - PRAMIS!

Chuva Chienes said...

Naunahan ko rin sina Mam Reyna, Diwa, Flip, Kuts at Ross ha! Winner!

C5 said...

Uy! Salamat Chuvs sa entry mo! Pero hindi ako si Bea ha :D (alam ko nalibang ka lang at nalito while you're thinking of me)...

Wow, hindi baog ang tatay mo ha...buhay pa silang lahat? admire ko ang isang nanay na talaga namang magaling maghandle ng mga anak...

Actually, after posting this issue, narinig ko sa radio si Tina Monson Palma with Angelo Palmones sa DZMM, show nila...ang topic, yung mga kids na nawawalan ng panahon ang magulang para asikasuhin sila...grabe, timing na timing!

Success is relative...pag madami kang success sa buhay, dami mo relatives! :D

Anonymous said...

"...But why real estate? It's the highest form of selling where I don't have to break my back bringing my product along! As long as you get the knack for computing, know your product, you can sell! Especially when you're connected internetwise!..."

In the industry, there are many that aren't comfortable with technology. Some even fear that technology threatens to replace them. I've heard that it isn't technology that will replace realestate agents. It will be realestate agents with technology that will replace them.

From what I've seen in the industry this appears to be true. There will be those that adhere to tradition and those that adhere to the principles those traditions are based on and then addapt or even innovate.

Interesting times to say the least.

C5 said...

Some years ago my mom was uncomfortable with computers...until I taught her how to use it...then one day a family friend called looking for me, asking a technical problem with the computer...guess what, my mom was the one who gave the troubleshooting guide since I wasn't home then! Isn't that amazing? :)

chuvachienes said...

haha!! lowka ka rin pala sipayb.. oo nga, nalito nga ako senyong dalawa ni bea..

oo - si manay, mukhang naging parang soda machine.. at sampu ang inilabas.. ayun, latak me.

success is relatib . . . ha-ha-ha!!

ayan, nagpipipitik ako rine.. sana naman eh may nangyari.. paramdam lang aketch.

C5 said...

salamat sa paramdam, really appreciate it! ;) wag kang mahihiyang dumalaw ng dumalaw at kahit pitikin mo lahat ok lang :D hehehe

TeacherGee said...

Hey C5...naka ilang attempt na ako sa mo pero nag hahang PC ko each time... nalito rin ako at nilait ko yung site ni Diwa dahil dun, hehehehe, sa yo pala yung culprit, yung may dilaw na dahon ba.

Naku si Chuva, ang hilig talagang makipag unahan...pati sa site ko nagmumura kasi naunahan ni Bea, hahahaha!!! Palibhasa latak pala sa sampu, beeeee...LATAK! KULELAT! MENOPAUSAL BABY!!!

O hige, maga palakol ko muna mga anik anik ditetch, lam mo na...