Friday, March 23, 2007

St. Joseph Village 10: Sampaguita: Blk 7 and 8 End Units: Exclusive

Update: Extended Exclusivity (only until further notice!)

(I'll get the list of taken units)

Lot Map:

St. Joseph Village 10

Blocks 7 and 8 Open for 1 Week only!
(Exclusive selling ends tomorrow, March 22)
Take advantage of the END UNITS.
(End units are lots with area 60sqm and above.)

Reservation is only 5k!
395K ONLY for inner unit (40sqm)
and 495K ONLY for end unit (60sqm)

Monthly Amortization as low as 2k!

Bring February payslip, Meralco bill (even if not in your name), and valid ID, plus Reservation, of course!

Today I was able to take pics of the development of St. Joseph Village 10. I had a buyer today who reserved...and I learned one thing too... construction will start by mid-April this year! It's no longer a long wait! And another good news is, you don't have to wait till the end of your equity payment (6, 8, 10, or 12 months) before your house is constructed. Now it's only after 3 months! This is true for Sampaguita units, ok. For other units, we'll have to wait for further announcement.

Now for the pics...

This is the center gate...and that's the guard house...

The right side of the gate...

The left side of the gate...

As we entered the gate...this is the Parklea portion...which is Phase 2

And we started to walk the path towards Phase 1...

Still stepping on Phase 2...if you see the nipa hut on the right side, and look at the map, that's most likely block 16. I'm not exactly sure but there was no one to ask around at that time we were there...just looking at the road map, though, it seems it is block 16...I'll update you when I get the confirmed info.

And below is the Google Earth satellite view of St. Joseph Village 9-11 in relation to the office...

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