Friday, August 3, 2007

North Cyprus: Last Jewel In The Mediterranean

North Cyprus has miles of quiet and unspoiled beaches, some of which are used as nesting places for turtles....and you can buy such a house as that above.

If you're looking for a property investment in North Cyprus, Kyrenia is the most popular location where English is widely spoken, where the locals are friendly and cost of living is the lowest in the region.

North Cyprus Property is an outstanding investment opportunity, and a great location for holidays or retirement. A developer with UK management that builds only on land which they own. Customers are given a ten-year land guarantee.

The Fantasy Tower 3-bedroom bungalow (picture above) is the showcase of North Cyprus properties. The ground floor plan shows an architecturally advanced design and stylish space layout. There is a large open plan area comprising the lounge hall and kitchen. This is designed especially for customers who wish to entertain.

The Fantasy Tower Bungalow comes in both a 3 and 4 bedroom form, the additional bedroom being an additional room downstairs. The tower structure and the kitchen sizes are common to both.

Both Fantasies are already available. How much? Check their prices online. Apart from the Fantasies, the rest are Mirage, Marlborough, Nebula and Ross.

Due to large plots, a pool with size 10x5 is available (also 8x4).

Discount as much as 7% is also available. But you have to go directly to the developer to get that much discount.

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North Cyprus Property said...

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