Monday, May 21, 2007

Remortgage Experts Guild

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Get a remortgage even if you have bad credit.

Remortgage Guild help people get a remortgage (this is the UK equivalent of refinancing) when they have less than perfect credit. We can help by putting them in touch with someone who can give them advice and also give them a quote on a new mortgage. They can use a remortgage to switch their mortgage lender, reduce their monthly payments, free up cash (equity) in their home (since it has usually increased in value from when they bought it) and use that money to buy a car, holiday or carry out improvements to their property and therefore increase the selling price of their home.

We specialise in finding mortgages for people who are in a tricky situation with their credit. This could mean CCJs (County Court Judgements), arrears, debts, IVAs or even bankruptcy. We can help people with any of these problems. And there is no credit check.

The good thing about this is you are assessed first whether you qualify for the amount you need. Maximum loan term is 25 years. Minimum loan amount is 25,000 pounds. No obligation. No credit check.

So, for our UK friends out there who need money, why not raise your funds and lower your payments?


bluepanjeet said...

aba ngayo lang ako nakadalaw dito sa blog mo na ito kapatid ah. good content baka in the near future makabili ako ng lupat bahay (napakatagal pa nun, pero malay mo).

Pax et Bonum

C5 said...

Tnx bluep! Why not fill up the assessment form then I'll show you where you can qualify, dependent on your needs and financial capacity...malay mo? merong bahay na as mura as 2k/month amortization... :D

aquabot said...

this rightly depends on yours financial capacity...Anycase thanks for this blog..Its just too have eye opener for me..I mean I never go into that depth earlier...