Friday, October 26, 2007

Adelina 1-A Bungalow, San Pedro, Laguna, RFO, Well Maintained, Clean Title

Front gate (the green house)

Entering the front door (living room)

From the bedroom/library (living room with front door shown)

Library/master's bedroom.

Not shown yet (will have to take pics): kitchen, T&B, bedroom

Here's the initial info:

Lot Area: 80sqm
Floor Area: 70sqm (roughly, since the house has been renovated)
2 bedrooms, 1t&b

asking price: 850k cash
reserve: 20K (30 days)
get 50k discount if you pay full within 7 days from reservation.

First come, first served.

5 comments: said...

Tita sipayb.. nakita mo ba itong posting na ito? I think it's interesting specially in your field....

reyna elena said...


I followed the link. Kebigan ko yan online si Jozzua although di na ko navisit. Anyway, natawa ako sa post ni Ceee, as in nahuli ni Cee na sya pala si Rostum Hernandez! He He He Researcher ka rin ba Ceee?

C5 said...

hahaha, Reynz, mga libro binabasa ko noong high school palang ako eh 90% espionage. 10% mga DIY books. Ngayon, napalitan ng mga blogs ang mga espionage na yan, di na nga ako nakakabasa. So sa internet na lang ako nagde-deduce... :)

Chuvs, hula ko nakita ko na yan kasi nga nasundan na ni Reynz at may comment pa ako dun :) It's not easy kasi kailangan mo medyo may pisi ka na may mga mukha na naka-drawing...wala ako nun... :) pero ok lang...whatever's available...

C5 said...

Hindi si Jozz ang netPH...

C5 said...

This used to be for sale at 950k but the owner decided to stay put and not sell...but now she needs operating expenses and will go to the South, she needs the money that is why the property was lowered to 850k